Group Consultation


The aim of this project is to connect and educate patients to enable them to support themselves and each other at the same time as having longer with the GP or specialist nurse.

The project involves seeing patients in group settings, and encouraging them to communicate and learn with one another, to think of how to achieve their goals. They will spend time being supported in this both by a group facilitator and a doctor, nurse or other professional. These will initially be done remotely using the internet and are very new to the practices but have been widely studied and used around the world for years.

Group Disccusion



Group consultation supports the co-production principle, through the use of digital technology, and creates care for the patient, with direction and guidance from the patient. The group setting enables patients to help each other, and learn to help themselves as well as access specialist or professional guidance.



Various depending on the focus of that group. We plan to eventually have several different programs running and can link in with other projects like TAPP, or long-term condition monitoring at the practices.