Social Prescribing


Social Prescribers support people with non-medical needs, such as attending voluntary groups, signposting to support groups, helping people to get the support they need. They can also have health coaching or this can be given by a dedicated health coach.



The social prescribers are key for the personalisation principle, they sit down and work with the patient to talk through what may be affecting them, and how they can manage their wellbeing now and in the future.

Social Prescribing



PCN has recruited four members of staff to support the delivery of this service and work closely with other organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau and Turning Point (see alcohol project).


Recent Updates

The social prescribers have supported patients during the coronavirus pandemic by contacting shielding patients to ensure they can get medicine, food and other necessary services including regular contact to support mental health.

Just starting in an expansion of our Social Prescribing into Health Coaching and Care Coordination. They are key workers that will help people with complex problems to get the help and support to look after themselves were tehy can and gain help from others when needed.