Who are we?

Our Mission: Working together in a Connected Community 


Our Vision

  • We are one people, one service, one community of all kinds and backgrounds living in one area of one town of one country in one world. We are all connected to each other and our environment. We are all responsible and have a role to play improving our lives.
  • Our environment is where we are and what we do – it is our schools, parks, public spaces, work places, the air we breathe, our water, the food we eat, our farms, the plants around us, our homes and gardens, our streets, our transport, our social life, our clubs, religious groups, charities, our public buildings and our government institutions.

All these can affect our health and happiness.

When we improve these through learning new knowledge, practising the right skills and encouraging helpful attitudes, we become happier healthier safer and more productive.

Our aim is to encourage and empower our community to do this together.

Orwell PCN Values

We consulted our Patient Participation Groups, Staff and Partners and these are what they have told us they value. 

Vision Img